Ireland’s Fate In U20 Match

The Ireland team faced Scotland on Sunday, 4th June at the AIA Stadium. Located in Kutaisi, this place was the venue for the Under 20 Championship campaign. The start was miserable for their team in this world rugby tournament. They had obtained runners up position in 2016 but this year it seems as if they would be exiting early from Pool B in the tournament that is being held at Georgia. Here in Scotland gained a win, but it was a narrow one, the final scores being 32-28.

Scotland succeeded in five tries. They did lose out in the opening match that they played against New Zealand, but they recovered in this one.

Players like Jack Kelly were able to put my two scores while Jack Stafford did put in considerable effort, but it was in vain for the Irish team. The team had been able to put in a better performance last year when they lost out in the finals in England. The fans were all excited and looking forward to the match between Ireland and Scotland in the U20 category. Both teams had suffered defeat in their opening matches.

This was the sixth meeting that the two nations were involved in, being Celtic nations. Diarmuid Barron was unable to join the game as he had a fractured thumb. Adam Moloney was asked to take up his place. Jordan Duggan was playing along with Kelleher. He replaced Joey Conway while several other players remained the same as per the combination that played in the opening matches. This was a game that did give them team a setback.

However, the coach will work on the strategies and what they need to do to overcome the shortcomings. Fans can look forward to a stronger and more united team coming back to play soon.