Ireland Take On Scotland In U20

Ireland would be playing Scotland in the U20 World Cup finals. The team faces a difficult task at this stage. Peter Malone realizes the difficulties for his team, especially as the final approach. Ireland was able to defeat Italy in the opening game. They now need to win against Scotland as well as New Zealand if they wish to reach the semi finals.

If they are able to secure a win, Ireland will be able to hope that they will gain a slot in the runner up positions. Malone’s side has only won by a single point when they played in Six Nations. Hence, they are expecting a formidable test when they face the Scots.

The Irish coach has noted that New Zealand and Scotland played a sharp game. Hence, the same kind of competition would be expected in the match between them and Scotland. Malone feels that the Six Nations tournament had been a good practice for the team. He had not yet decided who would be part of the team leading into the match. He was looking at making some changes to the side that defeats the Italians.

Ronan Kelleher has been brought on to replace Diarmuid Barron, who was replaced. Alan Tynan also appeared on the wing and brought about some improvements in the back division. The team has been showing class performance, even when they lost out to Italy 22-21. Gavin Mullin plays center, being the son of Brendan, the Ireland international player and others like Ciaran Frawley and Munster also impressed. It remains to be seen what are the final outcomes of the U20 World Cup and how Ireland fares as a whole in the games. Fans will be looking forward to the upcoming games and a chance to cheer on the players to help them play to the full potential.